Ecstasy (MethyleneDioxyMethamphetAmine) – Drug

First and foremost, I do not promote usage of drugs and this is purely to be informative. This is for those who want to learn about the effects of this drug & other things that are related. And especially if you are planning on using it, know a friend that is planning on using it, or have used it and not very knowledgeable about it, PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING. I know it is long, but it is veeeery informative.

Whether you decide to use it or not, I’m glad that you’re deciding to learn about it 🙂 But if you are deciding to do it, just know how people may judge you and drugs probably have the worst connotation of people.

Surprisingly, I have met people who do drugs when they don’t even know the effects or those who eat marijuana brownies and wasn’t even aware until after…. So point being is that whether you decide to do it or not, whatever it may be (even drinking), please be FULLY informed on what you’re getting yourself into. You may know about what happens on the surface, but you must be knowledgeable in all areas, including the side effects and damages.

This is the most common drug at raves. And another thing you MUST understand is that these pills are made by people EVERYWHERE. That means that there is not just ONE pill called Ecstasy. Nowadays, many people who make these pills mix different drugs in it, such as LSD and amphetamine (speed). Cocaine and heroine is possible, but highly unlikely. Other crazy stuff can be in it, you just name it. So in essential, you might not know what you are taking whatsoever. It’s better to play it safe and buy a test kit and see what’s in it. You may find something that you were not planning ever putting in your body in that pill that you were going to take. I mean… SWIY (Someone Who Isn’t You) was going to take. You may find these kits online, please read reviews (if there are any) before purchasing. It is a stimulant and hallucinogen. Common slang is also “molly” & many others. Since it is something that you are consuming, you must realize that it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for effects to kick in, this means avoid taking one after another if you haven’t felt anything within just a couple of minutes…. Another fact is that MDMA is a pill, which means it can either be in a capsule OR a tablet. And since it is made by so many different people, there is not just one “look” to it either (varying by shape, form, and even color).

Let’s start with the “good” effects, or reasons why people do it (remember that everyone has different effects, but these are pretty much the most common):

It increases your excitement & intimacy while decreasing your uneasiness. You will experience an increase in energy and feel no pain whatsoever. For example, you may have current pains on your neck, gone, or someone may punch you in the face, no pain. Though this does NOT mean that you won’t feel it when the drug wears off. A lot of people love being touched or even have their hair pulled. I have also heard of Vikes being blown into their eyes and sniffing it (it causes a tingling feeling).

Ok, now on to the more important information that you NEED to know (aka BAD EFFECTS):

Ecstasy does make you dehydrated because it increases your body temperature and possibly because you’re very energetic and moving around all over the place. This is very dangerous and some people are too “happy” to realize that they’re dehydrating. So yes, drink water BUT do not drink too much water. If you are under the influence of this drug, you may not be completely aware of your body and may be just drinking too water. Too much water can cause cerebral edema (which is brain swelling), or swelling in any areas such as lungs, heart, and liver, of course leading to death. So remember to drink water BY SIPS. Small quantities. You don’t want to over-ANYTHING.

People do grind their teeth. A lot of people feel nauseous and will throw up. Increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Coming down / After effects:

  • painful jaw
  • hallucinations
  • paranoia
  • sleeping problems
  • damage in the brain
  • negative effect on your memory
  • lost in appetite
  • muscle aches
  • fits
  • seizures / convulsions (uncontrollable/violent shaking)

It is highly not recommended to do Ecstasy and drink alcohol at the same time. BOTH can get you dehydrated causing a heatstroke or overheating. Memory lost can occur.

It is also NOT recommended to mix different ecstasy pills. Since pills nowadays are mixed with different crazy substances from who-knows-where, you might get a bad chemical reaction that would lead to unknown effects (since every pill is different from each other). The best way is to once again, get a kit, and know the chemicals you are mixing together and make sure that they would not do any superior-damaging effect that you are not willing to have.

If someone is “rolling”, which is the slang term for being on MDMA, is that:

  • their pupils will dilate (become very large, freakishly)
  • grind their teeth
  • love being touched
  • talk A LOT
  • hyperactive; full of energy

Long term users will experience:

  • memory loss
  • trouble concentrating
  • panic attacks
  • liver damage
  • depression

Common things that people do when they are “rolling”, commonly seen at raves:

  • Blow Vikes in their eyes or smell it
  • Rub against each other (possibly sex)
  • Stand next to the speakers to feel the low-frequency bass vibrations (very dangerous to the ears)
  • Watch light shows
  • Dress in their birthday suit
  • Grind their teeth
  • Eyes rolling all over the place
  • Look pretty ugly

In the end, it is your choice whether or not you want to do it. Remember that one experience does not define ALL experiences.

Now if you want to see how a rave experience, read my EDC experience and suggestions here 🙂


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